Dive Into Summ er Door Mat

Dive Into Summer Door Mat

Welcome to a most unusual pool and garden party, one created by using over 400 images from the Frontgate catalog. If you take the time to journey through them all, you’ll find yourselves traveling through a plethora of outdoor styles and locations—from Monterey and San Francisco to the Hamptons, from Beverly Hills to the Amalfi Coast, from the Malibu Hills to Provence, from Palm Springs to Upstate New York, from the Malibu Pier to Marrakesh. You’ll lounge on gorgeous outdoor furniture, enjoy a cold drink, munch on marinated shrimp, play pool games and enjoy spectacular views of the ocean and surrounding hills. As you’ll see, everything in this party has been arranged by color, shape, texture and atmosphere to create a most beautiful story, one that can live only in your imagination.

Put on your suntan lotion. The pool party in blue, white and pink is already in full swing. Set sail on your favorite pool float, grab a cold drink as it floats by, and soak in the sun. And if you should stop along the way to purchase something at the Frontgate store, please know that I’ll receive a small commission. It won’t increase your price a single cent, but it will help keep the parties going.

Time to get out of the pool before you burn. Look for a bit of shade beneath umbrellas of yellow and blue and green. Once you’ve dried off enjoy a few pool games. Test out your golf swing with a chip shot onto a floating green, play water tic-tac-toe or a few rounds of poolside ping pong. Hungry and a bit klutzy because of all of that sun? Have a bite on the Alfresco melamine dinnerware. It’s unbreakable.