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Bounce Into Easter With MacKenzie-Childs

After our cold and rainy winter here in Los Angeles, I'm so looking forward to Easter this year. The surrounding hills, green as Ireland and decked in millions of golden poppies and purple bluebonnets, are ringing in this beautiful season.

Now a bit about the Easter Bunny. The famous Bunny first became part of the Christian celebration of Easter in Germany in the 1600s. When children were good, the rabbit put colored eggs in a basket, which he gave to the children as gifts. In the 1700s the Pennsylvania Dutch settlers brought the tradition to America. The chocolate rabbit also began with the Germans, who started making Oschter Haws (Easter Hare) pastries in the 1800s.

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Originality and Whimsy are the hallmarks of Mackenzie-Childs’ designs, which fit perfectly with Easter. Made by hand, no two creations are alike. From plates to planters to teapots to tureens, MacKenzie-Childs' designs are alive with individuality, each piece displaying a unique quality and beauty of its own.

Upstate New York artist Patience Brewster, whose style is both surprising and hard-to-describe, says in her artist's statement, "We (my husband and I) find our individual beauty in the unexpected and the ordinary." Her hand-painted ornaments and figures are inspired by the world around her.