If you’ve come late to the party (meaning you haven’t been to ‘Dive Into Summer With Frontgate-Part 1’ yet), no worries, you can stroll on over when you get to the end of this post. So, one and all, take off your flip-flops, grab your pool noodles and follow the bronze divers into the cool, turquoise waters. We’re continuing our imaginary pool and garden party through another 400 Frontgate fantasies. And if you should stop along the way to purchase something at the Frontgate store, please know that I’ll receive a small commission. It won’t increase your price a single cent, but it will help keep the parties going.

After you hit the water, climb onto a floating vehicle and relax. There’s a lot to choose from—yachts, daybeds, starfish, cadillacs and chairs. Once you’ve had enough sun, get out and explore a world of turquoise blue.

Pick out a chaise lounge or daybed—so many to choose from—lie down under a bright orange umbrella, sip on your champagne, and nibble on a crab leg or two. Are you ready to see more? Explore the extensive gallery of wall art, or the huge selection of pool furniture.

Clean, modern teak walls and furniture predominate this light brown outdoor space, complemented by blue.

It’s time for dessert. Feast your eyes on all things chocolate. Choose a style to suit your taste—Tropical, Morrocan, Modern, French, Bistro, Farmhouse, Hampton etc.

If you’re enjoying the party, please stay and relax for a while. If you haven’t been to the rest of the party, please do come!